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It's Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies

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25 June
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Hey y'all! I'm Vicki, and I'm 16. I'm a junior at Adrian High School, in Adrian, Michigan. It's a litle town you've never heard of, as far south in Michigan as you can get before you're in Ohio. I play the violin and sing alto in choir.

Yes I'm a Christian. So please don't ask.

I've been told that I'm rather outgoing, loud, and random. Yes, perhaps I am. I know I'm loud and I talk a lot. My report cards have said that since the first grade. But that doesn't bother me, because it's who I am. If you don't like that, fine. On the random side, I definitely am that too. You could be talking about anything, and I'll still be on the subject before it. Sometimes I'll say something, sometimes I may not. There are also the people who tell me I'm not happy enough. That one confuses me. But, whatever.

I love romantic movies, along with musicals. It drives my friends nuts. Some I like are: Tuck Everlasting, Pearl Harbor, Princess Diaries 2, A Walk to Remember, Centerstage, and Grease.

I'm also a music junky. I listen to more random things than you can imagine. Lee Ann Womack, Tim McGraw, Diana DeGarmo, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, Bethany Dillon, Avril Lavigne, and Good Charlotte.

I have a tendency to rant. Me and my friends have a lot of problems (I swear I was born in the land of drama). And I won't hesitate to write about it. It keeps me from punching the walls.

I love Harry Potter and I like to roleplay. If you haven't got a clue what Harry Potter is, you must live under a rock. If you don't know what roleplaying is, ask someone who can describe it. Because I can't.

So that's about it. Me. My story. Not yours.

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